Foundations of Yoga Wisdom - A dynamic journey through the philosophy and history of yoga

Foundations of Yoga Wisdom

A dynamic journey through the philosophy and history of yoga

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Course Overview

According to the yoga wisdom tradition, knowledge means self-knowledge, and the individual mind is a powerful gateway to the cosmic mind.

Join master teacher Ishan Tigunait as he shares knowledge gleaned by the sages and rishis of the yoga tradition.

In this 6-hour digital course, you will learn about:

  • The Yoga Sutra and Patanjali
  • Wisdom from the Himalayan masters
  • The 7 schools of yoga philosophy
  • Mind as energy field
  • Evolution of mind into universe
  • Yoga anatomy of mind
  • The 8 bhavas
  • Yoga wisdom and modern yoga
  • The yoga worldview
Ishan  Tigunait
Meet The Teacher

Ishan Tigunait

Growing up at the Himalayan Institute, Ishan Tigunait received his first spiritual lessons from Swami Rama of the Himalayas, and has continued his spiritual education for the past 30 years under the guidance of his father, Pandit Rajmani Tigunait. Ishan serves as Executive Director of the Himalayan Institute and Chairman of Yoga International, and has been a driving force for the Himalayan Institute’s humanitarian projects in Africa over the past 15 years. He also serves as Managing Director of Himalayan Institute India, and spearheaded the establishment of the Institute’s newest campus in Khajuraho, India.

Ishan’s passion is sharing modern reflections on the ancient wisdom of the yogic and tantric traditions. As a Himalayan Institute faculty member, he is a key contributor to the Vishoka Meditation program and the Institute’s 500-hour yoga teacher training program, and also leads annual pilgrimages to India and the Himalayas.

Holding a degree in computer engineering, Ishan worked for IBM before returning to the Himalayan Institute in 2006. Ishan is also co-founder of Moka Origins, a socially conscious bean-to-bar chocolate maker and specialty coffee roaster. He is an avid social entrepreneur, and is committed to sharing the transformational power of yoga to unleash our full potential.

Course Outline

  47 Lessons    |      6 Hours    |      6 CEUs
  • What Is Yoga Wisdom?
  • Yoga Wisdom: Yoga Philosophy and Yoga Practice
  • Core Message of Yoga Wisdom
  • The Beginning of Yoga Wisdom
  • Vedic Wisdom and the Rishis
  • The 7 Sages and the Transmission of Knowledge
  • Source Texts
  • The Yoga Sutra and Patanjali
  • The Lineage of the Himalayan Sages: Ancient Masters
  • The Lineage of the Himalayan Sages: Modern Masters
  • 7 Schools of Indian Philosophy
  • Buddhism and Yoga Wisdom
  • Introduction to Sankhya Philosohy
  • The Law of Cause and Effect: Satkaryavada
  • Purusha and Prakriti
  • Prakriti and the Three Gunas
  • Purusha
  • Mind: The Cornerstone of Yoga Wisdom
  • The Mind as a Living Power
  • The Mind as an Energy Field
  • Mind as a Gateway of Consciousness
  • Mind as a Building Block: Evolution of Mind into the Universe
  • Prakriti and the Tattvas
  • Mahat: The Cosmic Mind
  • Ahamkara: The Principle of Self-Awareness
  • Manas: The Master Sense
  • Jnana Indriyas: Cognitive Senses
  • Karma Indriyas: Active Senses
  • Tanmatras: Essential Elements
  • Maha Bhutas: Gross Elements
  • The Mind and the Tattvas
  • Chitta: Unified Mind Field
  • Buddhi: Pure Perception
  • Manas: The Everyday Mind
  • Ahamkara: Self-Identity
  • Unconscious Mind and the Storehouse of Memory
  • The Mind and Buddhi
  • Bhavas: Our Essential Nature
  • The Eight Bhavas
  • Dharma
  • Jnana
  • Vairagya
  • Aishwarya
  • Bhavas and the Purpose of Life
  • Our Place in the Yoga Wisdom Tradition
  • Yoga Wisdom and the Modern Yoga
  • The Yoga Worldview